Sapphire to Diamond in 5 Days!

Teri's breakout course, From Sapphire to Diamond, teaches women how to be the best versions of themselves. Every woman is a gem. In this course, Teri will instruct you on how to shine like the true Diamond you are by reshaping your world view. In five small, but powerful, steps Teri will empower you to defeat the challenges are holding you back from greatness as a wife, mother, and professional.

This course provides:

*5 motivational videos
*"Love You" letter template
*10 Daily Affirmations every woman needs
*Template for creating your own Daily Affirmations
*Count Your Blessings worksheet
*New You checklist
*Exclusive access to Teri's "Wife Life" Facebook Group.
*Special letter from Teri

Launching May 1st.

About Teri

Teri, who is an awesome mother of 6 believes in being “real” with children and adolescents. Her daughters have witnessed her experience with life’s struggles and have rallied her in monumental moments of Victory. Overall, she has always emerged as a stronger woman, more patient-parent and a best friend who has encouraged and exemplified dignity and self respect in facing Life head on!

“I thought that I could teach other kids that every emotion you have is true, and to teach them how to take walls down and open doors,”
says Teri

As a counselor, teacher, speaker, media personality and mother, Teri Lynn Smith believes in placing her energies toward assisting wives and mothers to recognize their full potential as individuals capable of taking control of their lives. As a voice of truth and love, ‘Ms. Teri’ has inspired thousands of great women to make positive decisions and to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect.

Teri believes in love. Real love.

Teri believes in love. Real love. That heart skips a beat when we touch, roll your eyes while asking "What did you just say?!", stop to pray to Jesus, grateful that I have you, slow kisses under the moonlight kind of love. She believes in it because she's living it with her husband, Tory.

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